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A line corresponding to the nature of your skin

Respecting the balance between the body and nature, Kanopé committed itself to creating 4 lines of cosmetic care products with pure essential oils and organic extracts dedicated to skin and hair.

Today, we have a real need for well-being and are constantly in search of the lost paradise.... The Massage is no longer a luxury but a necessity in order to relieve the stress accumulated in the daily life.

These massage products containing Sandalwood, Rose, Cinnamon and various natural fragrances will allow the body and mind to escape to an extraordinary garden of delights.

Four SeasonsMagical SandalwoodNature in WorldOrganic
The response to the need of nature and a revival of the senses …these 7 organic care products certified by Cosmebio and by Ecocert guarantee deep moisturizing and repair skin and hair.
A feeling of weakness, try Cocoa from Africa, a need for serenity, try green bamboo from China. With this nutritious body care, succumb to the temptation and escape to unexplored horizons.
Originating from Tropical Asia, Sandalwood is renowned worldwide for its regenerating and relaxing benefits. This rare essential oil is a pearl of relaxing benefits. Its sweet and woody scent will leave a delicate fragrance on your skin throughout the day.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…four ranges of cosmetic skin care for each season.