Perfume Organ

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used all over the World for body care. They have excellent health benefits as well as being relaxing, softening, invigorating, anti-septic and calming.

Essential oils are obtained by water distillation from only the best flowers, fruit, leaves, branches, berries, bark, roots, rhizomes or plants cultivated in the most preserved areas of the planet. First, the steam brings about volatile molecules –essential oils- contained in the plant and then by a cooling process, the water is separated from oil.

In the outflow of the still are collected in the one hand the essential oils drops and on the other hand the water, which also contains a bit of essential oil called floral water. Hydrolates are floral water coming from the steam distillation of the flowers or plants. They hold the essential oils properties. These waters full of odorous volatile molecules and of active principles of the essential oils are beneficial for the health and beauty of each and everyone. The previous years, they were neglected and today they are needed for their simple and without-danger use. (Weak concentration of essential oil)

Kanopé has selected the best natural essences for quality and efficacy corresponding to the nature of your skin.

All our hydrolates are certifided Ecocert SAS-32600 L’ISLE JOURDAIN and Cosmebio.