The response to the need of nature and a revival of the senses …these 7 organic care products certified by Cosmebio and by Ecocert guarantee deep moisturizing and repair skin and hair.

Gommage citron
Huile d'Argan

Liquid Gold

Rich in vitamin E, Argane oil is a real nutritious care for the face. This precious oil revives the cells, prevents ageing skin and strengthens hair. This beauty serum is an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment.

Sweet Lemon peeling

Rich in vitamin C, this exfoliant containing lemon oil fights against cellulite and improves circulation. It also guarantees smooth skin.

Mint leaves peeling

This fresh organic peeling with mint Nanah stimulates and tones the body ant the muscles.

Natural Shea Butter

Shea Butter is obtains from nut-pressing and is rich in vitamins A, E and K. It originates from Africa and deeply nourishes the body and hair.

Virgin Coconut Butter

This delightful organic care product ensures deep and silky moisturizing. Its liquid texture leaves a satiny effect on the skin.

Geranium Flower Hydrolate

A light touch for skin revival and an immediate sense of freshness.

Hydrolate of Rose

The symbol of love and purity, the rose envelops you and helps to moisturize and purify the skin.