Four Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...
Four ranges of cosmetic skin care for each season.

Quatre saisons  Eveil des sens Printemps


After the long and cold winter days, this nutritious product prepares skin for the bright days of Spring...

Raspberry Peeling
This delicious fragrance peeling gives skin a delicate elasticity, smoothness and luminosity without damaging the skin’s protective layer.

Five Senses Massage Oil
This oil containing essential oils of: Litsea cubeba, Palmarosa and Clove bud guarantees relaxation in complete serenity.

Orange blossom Hydrolate
Traditionally used for its exceptional aroma, its fruity and sweet scent gives a feeling of well-being throughout the day.


In the tropics or under summer trees, this range with a smooth, exotic perfume moisturizes and improves the appearance of the skin.

Quatre saisons Eté tropical Tropical Summer Peeling
This coconut butter peeling nourishes and rebalances the skin by leaving a soft, satiny touch.

Tropical Summer Butter
Allow yourself to be swathed in this cool coconut butter treatment. It blends delicately into the skin and hair and intensely moisturizes.

Tropical Summer hydrolate
This moisturizing palmarosa floral water will transport you to the white sand of the tropics.


Summer ends, the body has to prepare itself for the cold, dark days ahead… rap your body in nutritious hot perfume body treatments such as cinnamon and orange. Quatre saisons  Jardin des délices Automne

Garden of delights Peeling
This combination of peeling with orange and cinnamon essential oils has warming qualities which calms the emotions.

Garden of delights Butter
The delicious mixture of shea butter and mango butter rich in vitamins A and E deeply nourishes the body. This soft veil of orange and cinnamon essential oils prevents ageing skin and stretch marks.

Garden of delights Oil
This body oil with essential oils of orange and cinnamon stabilizes the organism and nourishes the skin.

Garden of delights Hydrolate
Considered precious like a jewel, orange and cinnamon floral waters moisturize the body and relieve tension.


It is dark, cold and freezing outside. Curled up in front of the fireplace…peppery vanilla captivates you while you wait for summer... Douceur des Iles Hiver

Island sweetness Peeling
This aphrodisiac peeling awakens your senses. The skin is purified and rediscovers its flexibility and comfort.

Island sweetness Butter
This pepper body wrap has heating actions, tones muscles and relieves anxiety. The vanilla leaves a nourishing film on the surface of the skin./p>

Imperial oil
This body massage oil with essential oils of tangerine and patchouli has rebalancing and purifying effects on the skin.

Island sweetness Hydrolate
This smoothly perfumed Ylang Ylang floral water calms the body and soul. It awakens the radiance of the skin.