Nature in World

A feeling of weakness, try Cocoa from Africa, a need for serenity, try green bamboo from China. With this nutritious body care, succumb to the temptation and escape to unexplored horizons.

Soin Mangue chocolat

Chocolate Peeling

This peeling with a tasty cocoa perfume gives a sensation of heat and comfort and at the same time smoothes the skin intensely.

Oriental Delights peeling

This peeling with a scent evoking Arabian nights has a velvety texture and gives shine to the skin.

Mango and Chocolate Butter

A subtle combination: exoticism for mango butter and desire for chocolate. This nourishing skin care containing shea butter gives a velvety and luminous touch to the skin.

Green Bamboo massage oil

This oil rich in vitamins and fatty acids contains green bamboo extract which gives the skin its natural radiance.