Our philosophy

Silent and at the same time extremely noisy...thousands of colorful branches inhabited by some of the planet’s most beautiful species. This is the Canopy of the Amazonian rainforest, its highest point.

This archway of tree is abundant in flowers, resins, berries and fruits from which some of the most subtle fragrances are emitted.

The tree tops touch the atmosphere with their dancing foliage full of moisture thus creating a protective sphere of fauna & flora to protect them from any pollution.

Yunnan, Patagonia, Kerala passing through Grasse to Randburg…in these areas of incredible richness, farming is carried out in an ancient way. Exciting and instructive trips have allowed us to select the best local producers of organic and 100% pure and natural essential oils and plant extracts..

Our principles

Our philosophy is based on an awareness of the current state of the 21st century. The environment is in danger…our aim is to support natural products and to preserve them.

Our commitment chart

1 Certified products coming from the organic Agriculture

ecocertThe organic range is certified by an independent body: Ecocert (SAS BP47 32600 L’Isle le Jourdan selon le referentiel des cosmétiques écologiques et biologiques) registered by the Department of Trade and Industry. The organic certification guarantees the organic quality of the components and also a strict controlling of the 100% natural raw materials.